Sunday, June 24, 2007

Things you thought you'd never hear.

Thye office I work in is quite small... There's 6 people, open plan stylez. Yup, stylez.
For a small office we have a lot of weird shit happen. You know when sometimes you say or hear things and think 'I don't think I'll ever hear that again in my life.'?
Well I had at least three o0f those moments this week.

1) 'I've told them about this before; bill it to the Russians.'

2) 'Yes, the Koreans are coming in for a meeting tomorrow.'

3) 'So she said, sure, we'll look after the Chinese ambassador's daughter for a few days.'

Anyone would think I worked in the National Office of Communist Empathisers.
But no, this is at the Design Business Association...
It turns out too, that it was Good Korea, not Bad Korea that came in for the meeting. They were so nice that they actually brought gifts including a nifty cap with the Korean Design Association logo emblazoned on the front and the words 'Korean Power' embroidered on the side. Awesome. Makes me feel all fervent and nationalistic. Or something.
I also got taken off my contract with the DBA this week and offered a permanent position as Events Coordinator, which is awesome. I get to travel all over England and Scotland organising events and other such things for designers... Should be interesting, especially considering my complete lack of events management experience, but they seem confident I'll pick it up ok.
If I'm unemployed in a week, you'll know I've failed.
Meh, I'm rambling...
Charlotte and I are going to see (or have planned to at this point anyway)Adam Hills tonight. He's the guy off Spicks and Specks. Should be funny I think.
Haven't done much else- Fulfilled my life's dream of sitting at the front of the top level of a double decker bus last weekend. Saw the sights and took a heap of photos which I'll upload to my flickr page when I get a chance.
More exciting posts to come in the near future. (fingers crossed)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Krishnas And Other Things

I'm writing again.
Have been busy with work, organising an Internation Design Awards thingy among a million billion other things.
Still not a great deal going on.
Went out for dinner/cheap cocktails on Friday night. Do not eat Mexican-English fusion food/drinks. Rubbish. But it may have made us a little tipsy. As did the cider by the thames, which was quite nice and serene.
Saturday, Charlotte's friend Bec came and stayed with us. Some more drinks. Went to the Walkabout (yes, I wasn't to keen on this idea, but was meeting people there) in the city to meet up with Sean, Dean and Matty from the snow. Was good to catch up for a few beers.
On the way out of the Walkabout, got caught in a passing joy of Hare Krishnas. I have made 'joy' the official collective noun for a group of Krishnas.
They sang (repetetively) and danced (jumped and waved) and we walked behind them. Strangely I felt no urge to shave my head and wear a toga and judging by this group of Kirshnas, a life filled with joy doesn't smell very nice.

We then went to Masala zone and had some awesome Indian. Yum.

Sunday, lay around in the local park in which we discovered there is a paddling pool. Which is awesome news, since I'm not yet adjusted to the warm weather again. Then we caught up with another friend, Nick and had more cider in the beer garden at the local. Then went out for Thai.
Good, lazy weekend.

In other news, on the way to work this morning some guy in a suit was sitting on the ground surrounded by police and paramedics. He looked really confused and kept saying 'I fell down the stairs? Did I really?'
I found that funny for some reason. He was definitely perplexed as to why all these important people were suddenly helping him..

Anyways, sorry this is such a boring post... Charlotte and I are looking at setting some dates to start travelling. We're thinking maybe Greek Islands or Spain or Ireland.
I'm sure you're all dying from the suspense (pffft), so I'll let you know as soon as we have a trip planned.

I have to go and call Pay Pal now to talk to them about fixing payment gateways on our website. Much fun.