Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The ravages of time.

At the moment, my loungeroom looks a lot like a super-budget workshop. Newspaper all over the floor, the smell of molten wax in the air and a bunch of foil I've been using as an 'iron condom' for our clothes iron so I can wax my snowboard without completely fucking our iron. Hooray.

Was just hit by the realisation that exactly this time last year, I'd landed in Naples, was eating the world's best pizza , checking out the little village that Charlotte's ancestors heralded from and visiting Pompeii.
Now I'm in a loungeroom/workshop in Collingwood, inventing the 'iron condom' and waiting for wax to dry... How's that for contrast?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Feeding the nostalgia.

Ah, nostalgia. It's so fashionable these days.
I'm watching Big Trouble In Little China. Kurt Russell delivers dialogue like an underpaid pizzaboy and terrible Asian stereotypes abound.
It's amazing.
John Carpenter is some kind of genius.

Also, this Flickr set makes me want to sit in front of the stereo and put together a whole bunch of mixtapes. Awesome.

Rolling Wines

My flatmate's girlfriend brought around a bottle of Rolling Shiraz for dinner.
I was struck by the awesome illustrated label which is quite atypical for a wine bottle, but is definitely eye-catching and works really well. Kind of reminds me of the illustration in some of the old books I read as a kid.
Coincidentally, the Shiraz is a brilliant vino as well. Yum.

More on the story behind their labels here

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On the tram...

I think I've entered a new circle of delirium.
With the entire weekend spent rendering print ads by hand for a colour analysis module, and little sleep had due to said module, things are getting a bit crazy.

Best part about today: Seeing a tiny child have a tantrum on the tram. In German. Hilarious.

Second best part: Hearing a kid ask his dad if he could "one day maybe have a snail? For in the yard?"

Aside from that, my day was a pendulum, swinging from frustration to tedium.

Lots of sleep for me tonight.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Photo Post 1

Some shots from the last little while...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Starting again...

Well hello there.
Time to make some updates.

It's been a while. This thing is mutating. Anyone would think it was some kind of virulent strain of influenza...
This has formerly been a rant receptacle, a time-waster and a travel blog, and is now going to be used as a veritable scrapbook of odds and ends I find, rubbish ideas, recipes, reviews, some photos and assorted tat and nonsense.
It's just the way I roll.

I'm back in Melbourne. Working 9-5 to get by, studying Design and Multimedia at nights, taking photos, cooking up a storm and spending 8 or so hours a day perfecting my sleeping technique.
So kick back, put the feet up and do whatever.
I'll be here, updating from time to time.

Over n out.