Thursday, April 26, 2007

Photos on Flickr

In addition to my list from yesterday, I've been doing some other things.

Last night Charlotte cooked an awesome stir-fry and we had melted Tesco cookies with ice-cream for dessert, then we watched some Futurama.

Today, organised another interview for tomorrow... These people may already have some work lined up for me, which is a bit exciting.

In the meantime, I've signed up to Flickr so i can upload some of my better photos. Y'all can check out more of my photos at the following link:
Jeremy's Flickr Page
(I've also added it as a link in the sidebar on the right for future reference. Boy am I helpful. Also, I'm in the process of updating the titles and tags, so all the images aren't just called IMG 19219.jpg, which looks crap. Just so you know.)

In other news I believe there is a mob of soccer football fans outside this internet cafe somewhere... I hope their team isn't playing against a crack team of redheads or I might be lynched.

An afterthought, maybe tonight we should have melted ANZAC biscuits for dessert. I wonder if they sell them here...hmmm. I'll let you know.
Hold your breath, embrace the suspense....

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Things I have been doing lately

  • Going to interviews at temping agencies. Seems promising, so hopefully should have some work coming through very shortly
  • Opening a bank account
  • Having my haircut
  • Going to see the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre, which is an exhibition of awesome little mechanical things... Will upload pictures which explain better.
  • Eating yum dinners cooked by Charlotte and myself
  • Enjoying pints in the beer garden of the pub across the road
  • Discovering that the best dessert in the world is Tesco choc chip biscuits, heated in the microwave till soft then covered in vanilla ice cream.
  • Watching Futurama DVDs
  • Watching The Departed, Red Road and some other DVD's... Oh yeah, Pan's Labyrinth
  • Listening to Alexisonfire
  • Making mental lists of things I want to buy when I have more money.
  • Sitting in this intenet cafe making a list of things I've been doing.

Soon I'll have mazillions of pounds and will be updating with tales of much excitement. Very soon.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More random pictures

Macs are awesome for imaging and photos and stuff. Charlotte's lil MacBook is rocking out with iPhoto which I have spent many an hour on...
Such a handy little application.
Anyways, some pictures... Things look so much better after a little 'touch-up'

The London Eye from below.

Big Ben and Little Charlotte

Yes, terrible isn't it. Dog mess.

The view from our balcony in one of the hostels we were staying at in Earl's Court. Long exposure shots are fun.

A little alleyway of Gloucester Road in Earls Court.

I've got heaps more photos, but will upload more at a later date. It takes too long on the stolen innanets here in the park...

If you're bored though, please do yourself a favour and check out this blog:

Brad's Blog

I love the 'Next Blog' button at the top of blogger pages.
Today I decided to see what the next blog was and was delighted to discover Truetent. Which is a blog by Brad, who is an English (Engrish) major in Korea.. (I think)
Please make visit to Brad to have view of many story on website

Thursday, April 12, 2007


This post comes to you from England.
Sunny England in fact. Nice.

Been lots going on since I last posted. The most significant of which is me now being in a different country. Yes, the one with big red buses and big clocks and all that.
England is nice. I was expecting grey skies and the smell of apathy in the air, but it's been warm and pleasant and i'm loving it.

Flew in on the 1st... Got to see my Charlotte (w00t!!) who had a hostel in Earls Court booked for us, so spent a couple of nights there, then, realising we had to get more accommodation as the hostel was booked out we did a mad internet scramble and found another hostel in nearby Bayswater, so packed up and moved all our stuff there. Spent a couple of nights there, then it too was booked out, so found another hostel back in Earls Court and then moved all our stuff back there. Gah! Was pretty crazy times. In between all the moving stuff around we got to do some nice stuff though, spend a day in Kensington Gardens, visit the Victoria and Albert Museum (yeah, the free one) and stroll around south-west London looking at English things like pubs, which I don't think are found anywhere else in the world.
After 4 more nights in the last hostel and much stress, we finally found a place to live in Hammersmith. When I say place, I mean a room in a share-house. Which is nice, although the bathroom smells like wet. So good though, to not have to move all our shit around anymore. I'm very happy about that. Other benefits include close proximity to tube station, heaps of shops, restaurants, the Thames, parks and a nice little pub with a beer garden a mere one minute walk from our house. ahh... beer garden... Not that we have the money to spare to indulge in things like drinks and food at the moment...
Charlotte has quite a bit of work scheduled which is awesome and I am endeavouring to attain some, pending a haricut and suit purchase. Can't wait to start earning the pound and then saving some of it and spending a little.

Currently on our list of things to purchase:
-Pillows (I'm sleeping on a rolled up hoodie)
-Food (I'm hungry)
-Suit and haricut (I'm sure I can find some place which offers those as a package deal)
-A pet bumblebee and an extendable bumblebee lead. Seriously, if for nothing else, come to England to see a bumblebe. They look ridiculous. (I don't actually think I could buy a pet bumblebee, but maybe I just haven't been looking in the right places.)


We haven't really done any tourist type stuff yet, but once we're more fiscally empowered, I think we'll venture out and do some more exciting stuff.
In the meantime, I'm looking at ads for crap jobs with wanky titles; Senior Customer Service Advisor (read: call centre vegetable). I'm also lying in the park, stealing someone innanets and soaking up some English sunshine. Maybe I can get a job writing ads for recruitment companies:
Requirements: Ability to carry on about some absolute rubbish.

Position Filled!

Anyways, will put up some photos and stuff soon.

Scones and Tea from the Motherland,