Friday, May 4, 2007

New(ish) look blog now with more Crazy Guy stories

I decided to pretty this page up a bit. A little bit more colour for the showing. The photo at the top is from out the front of our old house in Vermont. Neat!

Also, I forgot about the crazy guy I encountered on the tube the other day.

Quietly, I was sat down listening to my ipod on the tube, coming back from an interview when this guy gets on the train. He sits down in the row of seats opposite me. The guy looks like and African Prince. Not as in an heir to Nigerian throne, but like an African version of The Artist Fomerly Known As Prince. Weird, I know!
Anyways, I keep to myself and listen away to some Rise Against.
Then, fatal error, i glance up for a second and see that this guy is ranting and raving about some shite and then the unthinkable happens.
Eye contact.
So he points his finger at me and starts shouting some more. I pop out a headphone and give him the 'Sorry, what?' look and he continues on with this:
'I am black and you will not change that!! No one can make me stop talking!
You will not call me a black bastard again! You call me that again, I WILL DEFEAT YOU!!'

Interesting way to break the ice.
I did wonder what he would defeat me at though. Using my exceptional analytical skills, I chose not to challenge him in high-jump or a 200m sprint. Or a karaoke-off as he really did look like Prince.
I probably could have beaten him at frisbee but I wan't certain.
I decided not to call him a black bastard and instead gave him the "I'm totally cool with that, crazy dude!" look and put my headphone back in.
He got off at the next station still shouting declarations of random nonsense.
I watched him crash through people whilst gesturing wildly and felt quite good about my sanity.


jennifer j said...

hmm im not sure about the origins of that totally looks like a photo you took in englander and jazzed up on my beautiful (partially deserted) macbook.
also im not sure about why i have this jennifer j thing attached to my other google account now. it makes me sad and freaked out as obviously my name is chucky.

jc said...

Hello there person of many names.
It was a photo I jazzed up on your macbook, however the actual photo is from out the front of the house in Vermont.
So, a photo in America, taken by a camera made in Japan, being used by an Australian, edited on a macbook in England.
I for one, am amazed!

eljustino said...

I was once a world traveller, now I'm a bum with no job... for a bit anyway.

Who is jennifer j??? Thats a bit strange Chucky...

I liked your random crazy guy story jc, I wonder if the realy JC touched him and released his demons a little later on that day...?

charlotte said...

i dont know whats going on with the name thing. but i changed my password , to the super secret 'mys3cr3tp4SSw0rd'. dont hack, anyone!

also: the real jc? jc IS the real jc. and the bible is the real good news.