Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Centimetre II

That´s the name of a restaurant in Vienna where we ate last night. You can buy bread by the centimetre. You can also buy one metre of spaghetti. The plate is one metre in diametre. It feeds four people. The other thing they do is a wheelbarrow of food. Which is exactly what it sounds like. It feeds about 6 people.
We weren´t that hungry so instead we just bought the 2 metre sausage. And a plate of finger food which contained ewnough food to feed about 1000 fingers.

Yep, two metres of Viennese sausage. Granted, it was thin, but still, can anyone else claim to have eaten 12 feet or sausage?
Vienna is wicked.

OK, I´m off to not eat for a few days now.


Amanda said...

OMG, that's a whole lot of sausage. I want to go to Vienna just for that, now.

Amanda said...

Oh, and FYI- I can't figure out whether finding out you're updating this on a semi-regular basis, or finding out I have an awesome job offer, is the highlight of my day. For rizzle.

Jay said...

I only just found out this blog was here, now I get to hear all about your crazy sausage-eating shenanigans!

Gavin said...

Metres? Crazy, I thought sausage was measured in the old imperial inches?

the almighty jc said...

Amanda: Yes it seems good to begin with. When you hit about the 1.2m mark it gets a bit blurry and your heart starts to struggle. Also, nice work on the job offer!

Jay: Yep, it all happens here.

Gavito: Yeah it's crazy, but you know what these Austrians are like with their precision and their decisausages and milisausages. It's all about accuracy in your meat portions.