Saturday, January 20, 2007


So it's finally snowing with some kind of purpose!
There's a few inches of snow covering everything, so it's finally looking like winter has arrived here. Mind you, the temperatures reflect this with a couple of days last week being -26 degrees and -15 degrees.

Still just killing time... They've dropped our hours back now so we work 3 days and then have 4 days off, which is crazy and makes budgeting even harder. Ah well, it'll work out, I'm sure.

Also been putting up with some f-ing lazy people, whose names i won't mention. They seem to think we have a kitchen fairy that cleans up all their shit. Well the kitchen fairy is well pissed off and I'm ready to start cleaning saucepans with scalps. Whoa, rage!!!

Might try and do something productive with my time off in the next week or so and go for a bit of a look around the area. Would love to head up to Montreal at some stage, but we'll see how the budget goes. At least if I can get out and about I can provide you with more interesting updates rather than this drivel. And also avoid the cabin fever which I'm developing, as made apparent by my 'Kitchen Fairy' rant .

Also, this week's must buy: Crunk hits 3 - 18 Certified Crunk Hits!! Hip Hop y'all!

This is on TV. Who the hell certifies crunk?? The National Crunk Institute ? The Crunkstitue? Actually, what the hell is crunk?? Is their a head Crunksman?? Stupid Americans and their stupid genres.
I'm out for now.


Anonymous said...

The term is often used as slang to mean intoxicated. Crunk is thought to have originated from a portmanteau of the words "crazy" and "drunk", or of "chronic" and "drunk", referring to the state of being both drunk from alcohol and high on marijuana, at the same time. Lil Jon defines crunk as a "state of heightened excitement".

Hooray for Wikipedia. Also: Lil Jon strung together a full sentence? (Jem, go YouTube the Chappelles Show 'A Day In The Life of Lil Jon' wont regret it, unlike dinosaur porn!)

eljustino said...

This is something you HAVE to watch!
It will give you a better understanding of Crunk!

jc said...

Thank you Charlotte and Justin.
I did look up crunk before I posted. However your links and recommendations have been most enlightening.
I still find it an absurd term.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go Blackzilla on the local nighbourhood. Or go to bed, whatever...

Anonymous said...

with a volcano? how could you do this to me jem?

Anonymous said...

i expect photos of you with your ipod and snowboard laying on your chest in a macdonalds bathroom, in the manner of those aussies who robbed a bank while working in the u.s. which, while i mention it, maybe you should look into. they'll especially never recognise you if you make no effort to disguise your distinctive australian accent, and also if you wear your work id card.

jc said...

Good thinking babe!!!
Now I just need to find a bank that's not a 4 hr drive away!