Sunday, February 4, 2007

That weird person you sometimes see standing out the front of their house...

You go outside because you're bored and there's nothing to do... You're also hungry which is why you have a box of cereal in your hand which you're eating right out of said box. You haven't been shopping in a while so there's not much to eat in your designated cupboard. It's a full moon outside, which mainly is why you went outside; to look at the night being all pretty and shit.
You're staring at the sky, putting a handful of dry cereal in your mouth when a four wheel drive goes past. It's going really slowly because there's a speed-bump out the front of your house. Plus it's a bit icy on the roads. You see little people, possibly kids looking at you through the back window of the car.
You wonder if they're asking their parents what the strange man is doing. Your feet are cold and you remember you don't have any socks on, just shoes because you were only going to be outside for a tiny while to look at the moon and maybe see if there was any good photo opportunities. You also think how absurd this must look and have a little laugh to yourself.... Just as the four wheel drive comes back past the other way, kids staring at you again. Now you're outside in the cold, eating cereal out of a box, wearing shoes with no socks and you're staring at the moon and laughing to yourself.
You wonder what the kids are asking their parents now. You also wonder if the parents are remembering what you look like in case they think they may need to give a description to police when there's a break in in your local area tonight.
You decide to go inside because your feet are cold... And because a patrol car might come past soon.
You also need to put your pants back on...

OK, so the last sentence isn't true, but the rest is...

Same old, same old here... Been working and boarding heaps... Started landing some 360's so pretty chuffed with that. Also tried skiing the other day which was fun. May be heading to Boston next week to see an ice hockey match which should be cool.
Will let you know how it all goes.


Anonymous said...

huzzah! use my list of things! use craigs list of things!
oh, im lame.

Anonymous said...

what is this?
where is this totally fascinating, hilarious, amazing blog entry i was supposed to find?
register this as your first formal complaint.

ps: <3 teehee i'm emo