Sunday, February 25, 2007

Yes, It's Been A While.

Wow... Long time between posts hey.
Much has transpired since I last updated.
For ease of reading I shall break the post down as follows:

Section 1: Boston
Section 2: Snow
Section 3: Randomness

Section 1: Boston

So some time ago, maybe 2 weeks now I journeyed over to Boston.

THE PLAN: 5 Aussies and a Kiwi all had a couple of days off, so were to leave Mt Snow on Wednesday after work, hire a van in nearby Brattleboro, drive on to Boston, stay a couple of nights, then come back Friday arvo.

THE ACTUALITY: Myself and the three other Aussies borrowed a BMW from the Mountain (as they have some test drive promotion thingy and we've made nice with the organisers) and drove to Brattleboro. Dropped 2 Aussies off at the car hire place and then Myself and Nikki drove the BMW back to Mt Snow. Jamie and Rach were to pick up the van, then meet us back at our place where the others would have gathered so as we could continue on to Boston. Nikki and I get back... waiting..... waiting.... waiting... Phone call.
"Hey, it's Rach... We had an accident."
So it turns out they didn't have enough ID on them or some shit and couldn't hire a van and instead were only afforded a tiny Suzuki shitbox... Whilst driving back, they hit some black ice, lost it and went backwards into a telephone pole.... GOAL!!!!!!! Couldn't help but laugh. Oh yeah, everyone was ok and all that.
So... that was that done with...
We decided to scratch that night and see what we could work out the next day.
Anyways, long story short... Ended up being 4 Aussies taking a BMW to Boston to stay one night...
We got lost going into Boston but managed to find the Cambridge Marriot (Thanks to a favour from Jamie's boss) we were staying at.. 5 stars! Sweet!
Went and bought tickets to a Bruins game... So excited to be getting to see an ice hockey match!
We then went for a walk around town and had a look at the city. Checked out the Holocaust Memorial they have there which is really interesting and quite moving.
Giant glass towers etched with numbers for each of the 6 million jews that were killed. (Yes the photo is off-axis, my bad)

We then did a little bit of shopping, checked out the CBD, then went to a pub, had some dinner and continued on to the game.

Apparently the Bruins aren't too flash at the moment, but we weren't too concerned.
The game was awesome, Bruins got beaten by South Carolina 5-2 or something, but ice hockey is awesome to watch live.. Got some cool shots of the game too...

The view from our seats.

Action! Action! Action!

There was a massive fight too. 2 guys stood toe to toe trading blows for about 2 minutes straight... The crowds get right into it too, so was pretty fun.
Walked out of the stadium at the end of the game, saw this guy, got it on video, but it's waaaay too big to post on here.
Then went to a nearby bar, had a few drinks and headed back to the motel and got some sleep. Got this photo before I went to bed...

Next day, went out to the Harvard area and had a bit of a look around... Got some breakfast at a stereotypical American diner and made our way back home.
So that was Boston in a day. Well worth it... Plus I bought some cool clothes too.

Part 2: Snow

So around Valentines Day we got a massive dump of snow. Like 3 feet in a couple of days... I've never seen that much snow in my life... It was awesome. Was wicked boarding... So much powder everywhere and everything was completely covered in snow... Couldn't even walk into our house without wading through waist deep snow...
Look at the whiteness:

A house on the way into town

Our pathway...

So the snow brought more guests and the guests brought more work and the work brought more money and the money bought me a deposit on a new snowboard! It's wicked... Got it really cheap... So nice to ride...
As a result, been enjoying my boarding heaps... Can't wait to have a couple of days off again sometime soon so I can get some solid riding in.

Section 3: Randomness
Some other things:
- Ben and Jerry's ice cream is the awesome.
- I went to an all you can eat Polish buffet last night.... So good.
- Our internet connection suddenly became secure... When I say 'our' I mean someone near us. We're now using another 'borrowed' connection which is crappy and a pain in the ass..
- Visa is all done and sent off!! W00t!!!!!!
- I totally made a fool of this pompous old lady yesterday... She had like, 20 people laughing at her. I'm so proud of myself for publicly humiliating an old woman, that may seem bad, but she was a right cow.
- We made a wicked jump in our backyard, so now we can have some fun once we get home from the mountain

Some random photos:

Sunrise again.... This time with a snow-groomer driving through the exposure.

The view from the top of Lift 14.

Anyways, not a great deal on the agenda for the coming weeks... Hopefully just get a fair bit of boarding in. Counting down the days till I fly out to the UK and get to see Charlotte... So excited!
Will update again soon...

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