Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Mythical Spider-Fence

Before I forget...
Was out the other night having a few drinks for my going away and somehow the topic of camping came up. One of the English girls asked "How the hell can you go camping when there's so many spiders and bugs around?"
"We put up a spider-fence." I replied
"A spider fence?" She responded, somewhat puzzled.
"Yeah, it's a mesh fence about 20cm tall and you surround your camp site with it and that way the spiders can't climb in over the fence."
"Oh, cool." She said.
Then Nikki, one of the Aussies piped up "Wow, we never had spider-fences when we went camping." Unfortunately for her, she'd bought the spider-fence story as well...
"Yeah, you only really need them if you're in proper bush..."
"Oh ok."
And with that, a myth was born.
Now go tell everyone you know and see how many gullible foreigners we can have believing that we use tiny mesh fences to keep spiders out of our tents. Does someone have wikipedia submission rights? Put up a plausible spider-fence article for me.


Anonymous said...

oh jc, youre so witty. also anyone can add a wikipedia article.
just so you know.

jc said...
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jc said...

Well then, you realise in the time you made that comment you could have submitted a spider fence article,
blog heckler?

3 more sleeps babe!

(And yes, I made a stupid spelling mistake and had to delete this comment and then re-do it, so shush :P)