Sunday, June 29, 2008


Yep, we're off today for Europe.
First stop, Italy. We fly out in a couple of hours.
After a few days there, we're heading off to Croatia to go sailing for 8 days. That will probably be terrible. I mean, blue skies, blue seas, blue..umm.. anyway, things will be colourful and ace.

Then we head up to Austria for a few days, into Germany for a week or so, then up to Netherlands, Brussels, France, Switzerland, and Spain.

Will be updating this whenever we get a chance to find some internet, so call back again for tales of faultless travels and smooth sailing.
Either that, or call back for stories of how I've forgotten my passport again....,

Let's hope it's not the last one.

That's me out. Will write again from another country.

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Anonymous said...

Smug b@stard!