Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More random pictures

Macs are awesome for imaging and photos and stuff. Charlotte's lil MacBook is rocking out with iPhoto which I have spent many an hour on...
Such a handy little application.
Anyways, some pictures... Things look so much better after a little 'touch-up'

The London Eye from below.

Big Ben and Little Charlotte

Yes, terrible isn't it. Dog mess.

The view from our balcony in one of the hostels we were staying at in Earl's Court. Long exposure shots are fun.

A little alleyway of Gloucester Road in Earls Court.

I've got heaps more photos, but will upload more at a later date. It takes too long on the stolen innanets here in the park...

If you're bored though, please do yourself a favour and check out this blog:

Brad's Blog

I love the 'Next Blog' button at the top of blogger pages.
Today I decided to see what the next blog was and was delighted to discover Truetent. Which is a blog by Brad, who is an English (Engrish) major in Korea.. (I think)
Please make visit to Brad to have view of many story on website


Jasmineflower said...

Great pictures JC.

How did you go with the hair cut?

jc said...

Thanks jasmineflower.
Haircut is still pending... Should be done early tomorrow afternoon, then I should be presentable enough to be employed!

Jasmineflower said...

Are you happy with your english boy haircut?

Dad was talking to your dad toady at the footy re Toc Blogsite!!! hehe

Just to let you know if you and Charlotte or any of your mates wish to come to montreux for the jazz festival or the paleo you are most welcome to bunk here, we have plenty of room. For the Montreux festival (which is very famous) we are only a 10 min walk along the lake. Just bring sleeping bags or if you wish to camp we know of a site. A toc to a Toc is like family. You will not be a burden at all.

I hope Chucky is not upset with me...? There is no need to be