Thursday, April 26, 2007

Photos on Flickr

In addition to my list from yesterday, I've been doing some other things.

Last night Charlotte cooked an awesome stir-fry and we had melted Tesco cookies with ice-cream for dessert, then we watched some Futurama.

Today, organised another interview for tomorrow... These people may already have some work lined up for me, which is a bit exciting.

In the meantime, I've signed up to Flickr so i can upload some of my better photos. Y'all can check out more of my photos at the following link:
Jeremy's Flickr Page
(I've also added it as a link in the sidebar on the right for future reference. Boy am I helpful. Also, I'm in the process of updating the titles and tags, so all the images aren't just called IMG 19219.jpg, which looks crap. Just so you know.)

In other news I believe there is a mob of soccer football fans outside this internet cafe somewhere... I hope their team isn't playing against a crack team of redheads or I might be lynched.

An afterthought, maybe tonight we should have melted ANZAC biscuits for dessert. I wonder if they sell them here...hmmm. I'll let you know.
Hold your breath, embrace the suspense....


Gavin said...


Getting sick of that as a genuine question/greeting? I never knew how to respond correctly. In the end it just turns out replying with 'Alright?' is adequate. Like some sort of random exchange.

English? Bah!

In other news, bumblebees are probably the highlight of the UK. That and squirrels I suppose. A squirrel stole one of my shirts off the clothesline one day. I laughed my ass off as I filmed him.

If only a bumblebee had stolen my socks, I fear I would have prolapsed something from laughing too hard.

Keep up the good work guv'nor.

PS - I fly to Japan in two days, sugoi!!

jennifer j said...

this insight into our lazy lives makes me sad.
eating disgusting food and watching dvds maybe isnt blog-worthy material (no matter how much i write about it).
ps: anzac cookies are disgusting and shouldnt ever be made, bought or eaten. they should never even have been invented or named.