Thursday, July 5, 2007

DEFCON 2, apparently.

Well, it would seem things here in London have been rather tense. What with all the car bombs, burning cars... Actually come to think of it, maybe this isn't a religious or political thing that's going on here. Perhaps there's another group out there. A heartless evil group of fundamentalist car haters. Being typically egocentric humans, we presume that someone is attacking us, however I posit that there's some people who have deep rooted disdain for automobiles. And maybe nails, they seem to be trying to blow up a lot of nails. If I was a builder, I'd be locking my shed and issuing a press statement declaring that the shed and general back yard area has been moved up to 'Orange Status'. Whatever that means. I think when they declare 'Orange Status', a fleet of snoopy old ladies with push basket thingys go out and start reporting meaningless things as illegal activity... perhaps prompting raids by, oh, I don't know.. Immigration?
Anyways, I can find this as funny as I like, the truth of the matter is it's pretty close to home. About 20 mins after I left Hammersmith tube station to go to work yesterday, a 'suspicious package' was reported at Hammersmith Station, then isolated, then exploded by the trusty bomb squad.
Turns out, the package had nothing in it. Except puppies. Man, was it messy. OK, so it wasn't full of puppies, but it does show how alert everyone is at the moment.
Mind you, life seems to go on as per usual. I do feel pretty safe and it's that packed on the tube when I catch it, I doubt anyone would be able to move enough to get their hand in their pocket to trigger any kind of device; I can't even get my iPod out of my jeans.
I guess, all I can say is fear not, I shall survive.
Also, Charlotte and I both have full-time work and as such will now be able to do more touristy things, like go to the Tower of London, which we did on Sunday.
Tower of London was awesome. It's so alien to stand in a building, or look at a fortress wall that has been there for 900 years.
All Australia had 900 years ago was bark canoes and some woomeras. Which is culturally rich in it's own right, but nowhere near as interesting (in my opinion) as murder, witch-hunts, deceit, wars and giant diamonds.
Oh yeah and Adam Hills was really funny the other weekend too. I'd recommend going to see him, or at least watching Spicks and Specks. And some trivia: He has a prosthetic leg. Not for fun, but for walking and possibly kicking purposes! Wow. I'm like the Guinness Book of Rubbish.
Charlotte says to mention I am getting a hair cut this weekend as i am beginning to alienate people as they can't see my face for my hair.
So yes, soon I will be more streamlined and less microphone-y.

PS: Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes/presents. You rock. Like a chair that rocks.

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