Saturday, July 28, 2007

News from Jeremy

Not much unfortunately.
Finally been paid. Monthly pay is the root of all evil. Closely followed by carrots which many still believe are THE roots of evil. Bad vegetable joke there, sorry.
I've just finished up at a judging session for our Design Effectiveness Awards. Very interesting and enlightening experience. Met the CEO of Cobra Beer, the Nokia brand manager and Adidas' marketing director, or something.
Anyways, lots of important people with interesting views on design and other things. Meanwhile, Jeremy is off to the side with the mother of all colds, politely interrupting the proceedings with sneezes and coughs. Way to make an impression, loser.
Anyways, enough self depreciation.
Sitting in an internet cafe near Charlotte's work, waiting for her to finish ( I got an early mark- w00t!)
So, over the last couple of weeks, things that have happened include:

1) Pinner, Lisa and Aleisha have all found houses in the local area- Pinner and Lisa live a 5 minute walk from Cahrlotte and I, so have been catching up with them a bit.
Also went to Camden market with them on Saturday. Went to the Hawley Arms, which those of you well versed in the language of rock would know is a haunt of the White Stripes, Amy Winehouse (Who I hate)and other such luminaries. Probably. Exciting times...ish.

2) I was involved in my first event last week up in the glorious town of Leicester. Leicester is kind of like Shepparton. Enough said.
The event was good though. The guy who spoke branded the BBC and came second in the pitch for the London 2012 Olympics job, which has caused some major issues over here.
So was very interesting to gain some insight into such current matters.

3) I don't know why I write lists cos I can never think of any more than 2 points.

4) Ok, another point. (Phew) Might have picked up some weekend work trimming trees. Thanks to Cam Rae for providing me with years (ish) of experience. I think in England, if you have 4 teeth, can recite your name on command and don't soil yourself every time someone says 'hello', you're overqualified. For anything.

5)-Yes, I'm remembering more things now- Saw The Simpsons movie on Wednesday night. It was awesome. Especially Spider pig.

6) Just so you all know. In the supermarket, you can buy Polish foods. Unfortunately the name of this is emblazoned across the front. For some reason, instead of anglicising the names into something vaguely edible-sounding they've opted for Klopsy, Pulpety and Flaki. Seriously. And that's the story of why Polish Chef's get beaten up.
Is that not the most disgusting sounding food you've ever heard of. Pulpety. Klopsy. It sounds like biological field notes for animal refuse.

7) Which reminds me, bought tickets to go and see Bill Bailey at Wembley Stadium. Can't wait. But will have to as it's in November. I'm excited though.

Not much else to report on... Oh, half the country's under water. And people are being warned of Cholera and stuff. But that's out in the country bits, not London. But still, pretty bad from a supposed world-leader.

Also, I want to go to see Transformers but Charlotte won't come. Apparently it's not the sort of film that girls are into. How can girls not be impressed by a movie about giant transforming robots that are fighting over earth?

Anyways, once I'm less ill and more into getting out and doing stuff, I shall write more rubbish for you.



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