Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No, he doesn't understand...

Some things that make me smile a bit inside are when you hear people try to explain things to children.
The 'thing' in this instance was a surrealist piece which basically was an old iron with a row of nails sticking through the bottom of it.

A mother is explaining to her (I'm guesing) 6 year old what surrealism is. She used the words 'silly' and 'not real' alot.
The kid looked confused. Mum was eager to explain away this confusion, which surprisingly only served to further befuddle the child.

Nice work lady. Most six year olds brain's melt when they try to assemble their new lego space ship and here you are giving your 'sweet little Charles' a lesson in 1920's surrealism. Way to ruin your child's life.

And that's why rich women who think they're art buffs because they joined an advanced long-stitching class shouldn't have children.

Another valuable lesson from Jeremy.™

(Yes, I found the trademark symbol shortcut. I apologise now for its blatant overuse in future posts.)

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