Monday, August 13, 2007


So this weekend, I ate an ostrich.
Not a whole one, but part of one. Part of one, or possibly parts of many that had then been squeezed through a mincer and made into a sausage.
Surprisingly tasty. Kind of like chicken, but a bit more gamey.
I was afforded the opportunity to partake in such fare at the Borough Market, which are these awesome little food markets near London Bridge.
Charlotte and I also did the week's fruit and veg shopping there and being the growing boy I am, I also had a Damascan Falafel which rated an 'awesome' on the taste-o-meter.
I also saw the weirdest method for making a toasted cheese sandwich, which basically involved taking half a wheel of cheese, heating the width of it and scraping the melted layer onto the bread, see below:

A good day out though. More pictures from the outing updated on my flickr page

A forgotten bit of news from a week or so ago. We went to a 'warehouse party', the old school style parties where no one gets told where it is until 7pm on the night, then everyone turns up to a disused warehouse (Or in our case, parking lot) and makes party-like.
We went and checked it out for about an hour, but due to grandparent-esque tiredness, we only stayed for about an hour and made our way home.

It's now a balmy Monday evening and had best be getting to bed. (Read: Charlotte wants her computer back.)

Farewell for now.


PS: Happy birthday Mum!

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