Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nano-trending Episode 2: The Weirdening

Ok, following on from the last post, I just had a run through the search history on my shiny Mac at home and my nano-trending results were even more bizarre. So odd and disjointed, in fact, that I think the government may have me listed on some kind of blacklist document managed by the Centre for the Identification of Undoubtedly Crazy People.

So, my searches in the last while have included the following:

binary star system
caring for aloe vera
covering iron whilst waxing snowboard
down syndrome tiger
explosions in the sky
fictional order of monks
giant vagina northcote
hedgehog map
kid strangles dove
london graffiti attacks
midget tupac
office turn into inflatable people
wallabies crop circle
we were promised jetpacks

Ok, so I just write a couple of decent sized paragraphs attempting to justify the schizoid nature of my searches but decided that you've probably already made your assumptions. And yes, you were correct: All these searches took place on that crazy night we took loads of acid and ate heaps of shrooms, remember dude?
Let's just say I'm inquisitive and never speak of this again.

Anyone else care to share what's nano-trending in their world at the moment?

Pro challenge: Write a (coherent) short story containing all these terms.

Footnote: Really want to do this on a public computer.


Jay said...

Some of these? Not so weird. Like the wallabies-crop circles thing, it made all the major news outlets over here, and "office turn into inflatable people" was obviously a reference to the tv ad for Magic FM. Now why you were looking for that latter is beyond me.

My favourite is "giant vagina northcote". I mean, I've heard of the big pineapple and the big shrimp, but now I have to make sure I see the giant vagina.

jhcrow said...

It's truly a natural wonder. There's a giant knot/hollow in a tree beside High St in Northcote that someone has painted pink. Thusly, it does resemble a very large version of a certain part of the female anatomy. Although I think possums may nest in there, which makes it a bit weird.