Thursday, December 7, 2006

Before I forget..

Photos from the going away party.
Kudos must go the the almighty Gav who whilst not bringing his foosball table, did bring some visual entertainment.
I present for your viewing pleasure, Swan Lake as interpreted by Mr Gavin OBrien and Nathan Carter and presented in the medium of fire:

And the crescendo!Awesome stuff.
Cheers Gav!


eljustino said...

FYI - in the image of the fire twirler on right that looks like a dog chasing its own tail is Nath-Dogge

charlotte said...

they really are spectacular. however, if you really want people to sit up and take notice, you need a gimmick. for me, its tumbling. people say vaudevilles dead, its making a comeback.

(brain come back please, i cant live without you)

charlotte said...

i believe we were promised regular updates?
i, for one, feel cheated.

jc said...

Updates to come very shortly...
Lots to show and tell..
Just having internet and phone problems at the moment, so might be a couple of days before It's all up and running.

Be in touch soon y'all... Don't give up on me!!