Saturday, December 2, 2006

The trip so far... In pictures.

As you may have guessed, this is the view from the plane. Or it may be what an ant would see if it was taped to a boomerang.
Note the clouds. Yes... cloudy.

Sunset above the weather.

The stock standard photo of Los Angeles International Airport landmark.... It's actually a restaurant called 'Encounters' so it's pretty insignificant... I guess by photographing it I'm just perpetuating the stereotype that it's something important

Another wingtip picture. This time it's of the desert just out of California.
Riveting stuff. Looks much cooler from the plane.

And finally, this is Boston College. I can't get over how much college here is completely like the movies... Everyone in their BOSTON COLLEGE sweaters. (Yes, sweaters) and the whole setting is so movie-like it's bizarre...
Here we can see Trento and Pip, simultaneously in different seasons, with Pip sporting summer threads and Trenton going for the Siberia chic look. It's actually really humid here today, so it's been quite good.

Just back at the apartment now, waiting for Trento's phantom baggage to get couriered here.

Gonna have me's a nap before heading out later this afternoon to see the Boston CBD.


rob\lee\al said...

great to hear from you looking forward to next exciting episodes

Charlotte said...

less self-deprecation please

love, me