Saturday, December 23, 2006

Several Bad Puns Later

OK, So It's been a while since I last posted.. A couple of weeks even...
Been busy with work and stuff...
Shite all snow around here... Icy, raining and the next week is meant to be the busiest of the season... There's probably only about 10% of the mountain open... So there's going to be thousands and thousands of people concentrated on about 18 runs....
The mountain will look like a colony of ants trying to all simultaneously climb a sugar cube.
In multi-coloured one piece ski suits.
Been having fun though, had a few days of good boarding, got to have a few runs through one of the parks, so it's all going quite well.
We're having a dress up christmas which should be fun... Probably about 20 or so of our 'local' crew to be in attendance.

In other news, I went to the local op shop today. I bought a par of pants.
Pants with a 64 inch waist.... It looks like they could be used to insulate a milk tanker...
They're crazy. People can be fat.
I challenge anyone else to honestly say they've bought themselves a pair of green 64 inch waist pants.

Taken heaps of photos, so I'll upload them once our internet is back up ( I'm at the local 'country club' which we get membership too because we live in the same little village)
IN other communication based news, our phone doesn't work which is so retarded- Merry Christmas Jeremy, you're now isolated from the outside world.
Thanks Santa.

Anyways, must be off... Will post more soon. And more often...
Merry Christmas to you all. Or 'Happy Holidays' as they say over here... Wankers. :)



charlotte said...

just so you know, your drag queen name is sofonda cox. mines tess tosterone. hott!

im really, really, really bored jem.

so bored i bought that ugly bag you hate (yes! victory!) :P

jc said...

The bag with the nasty chains on it?? The gaudy, tacky, grotesque bag?? :P

Methinks your victory is not so sweet :)

Don't be too bored. Practice your tumbling!!

In drag queen related news, a transvestite works in the rentals department on the mountain...

charlotte said...

yes, thats right, the most gorgeous, tasteful, beautiful bag in the world.
its red.
some things are so wrong theyre just right. this bag is that.

i love drag queen related news.

ps: your phone works now. i think i spoke to celia. i was all like 'oh my god, jems not at home waiting for my call? i specifically told him he cant have fun.' and she was all like 'im british and i have a cool accent, whereas you sound like a complete chav'. and i was all burned.
dont have fun jem, you have a girlfriend. its simply not allowed.

charlotte said...

*looks around*
i think im the only one here