Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Getting There...

So we arrived in Mt Snow a few days ago.
Nice place, although it is somewhat inaccurately named, I thought when I arrived.
Apparently this is the latest start to the season they've ever had. (Insert global warming rant here)
We got here around midnight on the Saturday after a 3-4 hr bus ride...
We then got dropped at our houses and have spent the last couple of days doing orientation stuff and sorting out administrative type things.

Anyway... boring boring boring...

So we got here and there was no snow. Except for a tiny bit of man made stuff... So I decided each night I'd take a picture and see the progress. So, from the last three nights, you can see we've had a heap of snowfall starting to occur.




This is the view from our balcony. Which is also our beer fridge.
-10 degrees C makes for cold cans of beer.

I'll add more of these as the days pass.

Our house is pretty sweet... But it's kinda dormy- I have to share a room with Trento and we are going to have 8 people living in 4 bedrooms by next week.
Currently have a Brazillian girl and her boyfriend and one of his mates, as well as Trento, Pip and I... 2 more to come apparently...There's a bit of a language barrier with the guys, but it's probably our fault.
I mean, asking someone " Oi do youse want anyfin for dinner n shit? We're cookin up some sketti if youse wanna", would confuse even the most scholarly South American.

Had first day of training for Lift Ops today... quite interesting/cold... Should be good to see how long it takes us to get organised..

Apparently have a 7.30am start tomorrow, so I better go cos this is starting to drag on...

Will update again soon.

Enjoy the warm weather for me!


charlotte said...

oh im enjoying the warm weather. some may even basking in it.

take your vitamins!

jc said...

Yes, I shall take my vitamins...
Also I will brush my teeth and all that. Bask it up babe, bask it up cos
I'm going to go chill out for a while.. ba-boom!! I'm a loser.

charlotte said...

Hahaha you took the fall. Brave man.

Dont forget to wash behind your ears!