Saturday, December 2, 2006

It's begun...

I'm overseas.
Flew out of good 'ol Melbourne on Thursday the 30th... Mum, Dad, Alex and Charlotte saw me off... Said goodbyes... Which was horribly, horribly hard...
And then we did the flying thing. In a plane.
Was a loooong flight, especially considering the United flight we were on didn't have much in the way of entertainment... the 'radio' channels repeated after 2 hrs, which is extremely repetitive on a 13hr flight...
Stopped in LA, which was really warm.... And people didn't understand what we were saying which was funny-
"No, we are trying to find somewhere to get something to eat."
"What's that sir"
"Fuck it, don't worry."
"Have a nice day sir."
So we finally found our connecting flight and then waited around for about 3 hrs.... Which was fun. In the way pushing a pen in your eye is fun.
Arrived in Boston at midnight. Trento's bag didn't. He's angry.... Useless airline....
We then got a crash course in Boston PT, with us rushing around frantically to get the last bus and train
("So we catch the T-line to the blue line, then we go inbound to the green line, then catch the T along the B line." Umm... ok.)
We made it to our destination, got some quality Pizza from Fast Eddie's who we realised worked even faster if you tip him an extra dollar or two.
Which reminds me, paper money is gay... 50's look like 1's... Who has notes for 1 dollar anyway? Global Superpowers apparently.
Also, cars come at you from the right, not the left. This was learnt with the assistance of a kind horn-beeping American.
Slept at a friend of a friend of Trento's, had a big cook up of bacon and eggs this morning. Going to check out Boston College today and have a look round the city... Will post some photos shortly.
Anyways, have stuff to do so will update again soon.
Have to remember to call thongs flip flops too..... Pip got a very strange look from a customs official when asking "Can i put my thongs back on now?"

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eljustino said...

Great to hear you made it to the "land of the free" safely.

I found this on the today and thought you might be able to pick up on some of the MS paint brush techniques for your profile image :P
MS Paint God