Sunday, December 31, 2006

Goings On

I've been very slack in updating but this post should bring things up to now.

Mind you, it's gonna be long and contain numerous photos so I apologise now.

Things here have been pretty good... Still shit all snow, but they're still making a heap so there's a few runs open... Haven't had a chance to go boarding for about a week... It's the busy period and things are hectic...

Had a good Christmas... About 30 friends from the Timber Creek locale at a big Christmas dinner... It was a dress up dinner too, so I donned some sweet tweed, some bowling shoes I purchased for the grandiose sum of $1, a pair of nasty looking slacks and a tie with tiny tennis players on it... Ugly as hell..
Was good fun though and I enjoyed myself until I was awoken by my alarm clock at 6 the next morning ( I had to work).
So somewhere between Secret Santa, turkey, ham and a few quiet drinks I'd ended up passed out, fully dressed, face down on my bed.
Yep, I'm all class...

Been working long days, sitting in the spa, drinking, eating and being generally pretty chilled...
Working with some cool people, so the days go a little quicker. Seeing tiny children have massive skiing accidents also helps my day pass quicker... It's like ten pin bowling on the kiddies slope except with blood...

Anyways enough boredom, here's some visual stimuli:

The view from the top of lift 28 which is on the kids slope and is generally where I spend most of my days. Working. Not hanging around in a creepy old man kind of way. Note the imaginatively named "Clock Tower". All the snow in this shot is man made... Out of paste, toothpicks and aluminum foil. Or water, I'm not sure.

The complex life of a liftie...
Red = Stop
Blue = Start
Black = Reset
Green = Fast
Orange = Slow
I often wonder what happened to the monkeys that used to do this job... hehe- Arctic Monkeys!! They probably went to eat bananas. Or sing songs about looking good on dancefloors.

Me in my lift shack. I am wearing a name tag and have a tassel on my beanie. Cool as hell.
Also tired as shit...

Christmas up close.

Umm what?? Things must get pretty err... interesting.. on school buses over here. Naughty kids. They probably vomit sometimes too.
These are on the MOOvers, which are the free buses and only form of transport around here... They're painted like giant cows as you can see below. You don't get off the bus, you get sucked out it's udder into a giant vat with all the other passengers. And then pasteurised and homogenised.

A MOOver. Weird idea if you ask me. The orange posts you can see are a fence to keep the MOOvers in their herds... No one likes a wild MOOver.

Me busy at the top of the "Magic Carpet" Which is just a conveyor belt that carries kids up the slope. Nothing magic about it... I sometimes throw snow on it and tell them it's Magic Powder Fuel . They believe me. The gullible little bastards.

Sunrise on the Mountain. The only good thing about being up this early.

Me building my first ever snowman. Not all it's cracked up to be. Plus I only had shitty supplies (ie. Some pebbles and dead grass), so he's a bit of a down syndrome snow man... He died soon after this photo was taken. Which was good cos he was pretty unfortunate looking.

Hopefully things should quieten down here soon, so I'll be able to get some shots of us boarding and stuff.

Gotta go get some sleep now as I have to work another big day tomorrow and I'm already tired and sick of little shits on skis... Tomorrow may be the day an unlucky child discovers how hard snow can be when you get thrown off a lift halfway up.

It's new years eve back in Aus, so happy new years all and I'll be in touch again soon, providing my fingers don't fall off due to frostbite.



charlotte said...

no christmas party photos? i want to see your delightful thrift store ensemble...

Morgscedes said...

Good to see your having good times mate.
Loving the colourful yet tasteful language used in your bog, i mean blog

jc said...

Charlotte: Will have to find some Christmas photos from someone elses phone, I didn't take anything good...

Morgs: Hey bro! Good to hear from you. Thanks for leaving your mark on my bog. I mean, blog.
Hope everything's going well back home. Will give you a call real soon to catch up. Say hi to everyone for me!